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One-of-a-kind should not be one-of-a-kind

Madison’s Place will be the first fully inclusive playground built in the Twin Cities.

And what does fully inclusive mean?

  • An inclusive playground lacks woodchips, sand and rocks that can make wheelchair andwalker accessibilityimpossible.Playground2-photoshop
  • Entire structure is ramped end-to-end, allowing children and adults of any mobility level to access the highest play deck.
  • Accessible swings and ground level play components can be accessed by all children and parents or grandparents.
  • Features with small space enclosures specially developed for children who may need a play space away from the action.
  • Sensory rich play equipment specially designed for sensory development.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Kids deserve a place to play, to be outdoors, to hang out with their brothers and sisters, and to make new friends. And parents want the chance to play with, and to supervise their kids in a traditional playground setting, even if they themselves have limited mobility.

But, too often, in too many communities an inclusive playground is not available. At 16,000 square feet of fun and truly accessible, Madison’s Place hopes to change that. We want this playground for every family. As a community build effort, situated in a public park, Madison’s Place can ensure that every family will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind playground experience. And, we want to make this one-of-a-kind experience a vision for every community.

The Madison Claire Foundation is working to bring a traditional playground environment to children and families who often find everyday experiences a challenge.


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